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ABOUT THE PRODUCT AD ART offers a great variety of products that are shown in the catalogue in a specific order. Different groups of products like pendants for example are put together under the letter P, studs and earrings are displayed with the letter E. Please have a look at the wide range of earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, brooches and cufflinks. In the standard offer you will also find scarf-clips, vase roses and pill-boxes. We produce jewellery and silver utility objects with single colours of amber like cognac (C), green (Z), yellow-milky (Y), cherry (CH) and lemon (L) or multicolour where applicable. Most products can be easily gathered in collections. We will be happy to help you find these collections if necessary but you can also feel free to make your own out of the offered designs. All our collections are highly appreciated all over the world and the quality of the products is guaranteed and certified by the International Amber Association. Every month we develop and offer our customers a series of new models produced by our own designers. Please find some examples of our collections as an illustration.

All our sterling silver jewellery is stamped with the fineness mark 925 which guarantees that the jewellery you are buying is of the highest quality and complies with current hallmarking law.